Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm Back!!

After a wonderful Christmas and fun New Year I am back and ready to start taking orders again.
I have to give a huge shout out to Summer Driggs for her amazingness (This is a word from my personal vocab :) Many of you are visiting this humble little blog because you saw it on hers. As I'm sure you all know is has the sweetest heart and I really appreciate the kind words she had for Lily Lane as well as myself. Thank you Summer! You are amazing!
Here's a quick photo of the bracelets I make out of pendants. I just realized I didn't have any pictures of these up here.

You can have up to six pictures on the bracelet as the pendants are all double sided. The bracelet comes completely assembled, beads and clasps are included. (I didn't have the clasps on this one when I took the picture)
The only difference is the beads. I cannot always find the same ones in stock, but you can also make a custom bracelet with any color of beads you would like.
The total for a bracelet is as follows.
3 pendants @ 12.00 each = 36.00
bracelet parts and assembly = 15.00

TOTAL = 51.00

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