Friday, January 29, 2010

Share the LOVE

** Giveaway Closed**

I am super excited about a few things right now. First, I am loving my new, clean and crisp blog design. Thanks, Erin!
Second, it's almost Valentine's Day! In fifteen days we get to celebrate our LOVE for everyone and anyone we know. Vday is one of my favs, I love all the hearts, glitter and red and pink stuff. It's just such a cute holiday.
Another exciting event around here is the new Pay Pal account I have set up. Now all you wonderful folks can simply use your Pay Pal accounts to pay for your pendants. Such a simple little thing and yet it has taken me forever to actually do it.

The last thing I am so, so, soooo excited about is our brand-spankin' new SILHOUETTE PENDANTS!

Oh my gosh! I am loving these! How cute are they? There are so many different ways to display these. How darling would they be on a bridal bouquet?? And layered on different pendants?
My, my.
So many possibilities.
I'm working on some others to show you but I just couldn't wait until they were finished to post this.

Pricing for silhouettes is as follows

Single silhouette on a pendant - $15.00
each additional silhouette added to a single pendant (as shown above) - $10.00

So now I can tell you why YOU should be excited. I'm going to 'share the love' and give not one, not two, but THREE pendants away in Lily Lane's first ever giveaway!! Wahoo!

How do you enter? Simply SHARE THE LOVE!

-leave a comment = one entry
-copy and past this blog post to your own blog = second entry
-put a link to this post on facebook = third entry

Wow, three ways to enter and three winners! Awesome. Just remember to tell us you did these things in your comment so we can enter you the correct amount of times in the drawing. After the winners are chosen I will contact you (make sure to leave your e-mail)and we can start the ordering process.

*This give away will end at midnight on Tuesday,February 2nd. Winners will be announced Wednesday, Februay 3rd.*

Now for some serious business. Lily Lane has been such a blessing in my life. I have LOVED being able to creative custom pieces for all of my sweet customers. It is however getting a little busier and thus taking a lot more time out of my already busy days. (four kids make for crazy times around here) The time has come for me to raise my prices...just a little bit. I have always been proud to offer these wonderful keepsakes at such affordable prices and I think the price I have come up with will still allow me to do that as well as compensate for the time it takes away from other obligations. The new price for the ten dollar original glass pendants will be...(drum roll please)..... TWELVE DOLLARS.
Not too bad, eh?
Still very affordable.
The price change will go into effect February 1st. Any orders received BEFORE that date will be honored at the ten dollar price. Thanks to ALL of you for being so great!

Happy Valentines Day!!!
Here's a little eye candy to send you off with...

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I'm sure most of you know about the incredible story of NIE NIE and her husband, "Mr. Nielson". If you haven't yet had the chance to read her blog, you should. Click here to check it will amaze you. They are the epitome of a LOVE STORY and thus the pendant...I hope she likes it. I think she will ;)

I LOVE showing my babies off and this necklace is going to do just that. Aren't they just so cute?

This little cutie is modeling her V-day present a little early. She is so proud because she made the necklace part all by herself! The reverse side has a picture of myself with her and her little sister, who is also getting one for Valentines Day.

Get your orders in for Valentine's Day!! It's going to be here before we know it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm Back!!

After a wonderful Christmas and fun New Year I am back and ready to start taking orders again.
I have to give a huge shout out to Summer Driggs for her amazingness (This is a word from my personal vocab :) Many of you are visiting this humble little blog because you saw it on hers. As I'm sure you all know is has the sweetest heart and I really appreciate the kind words she had for Lily Lane as well as myself. Thank you Summer! You are amazing!
Here's a quick photo of the bracelets I make out of pendants. I just realized I didn't have any pictures of these up here.

You can have up to six pictures on the bracelet as the pendants are all double sided. The bracelet comes completely assembled, beads and clasps are included. (I didn't have the clasps on this one when I took the picture)
The only difference is the beads. I cannot always find the same ones in stock, but you can also make a custom bracelet with any color of beads you would like.
The total for a bracelet is as follows.
3 pendants @ 12.00 each = 36.00
bracelet parts and assembly = 15.00

TOTAL = 51.00

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